• LinkedIn Profile Rewrite & Strategy Training

    Combine a LinkedIn profile rewrite with a half day LinkedIn strategy training and get a personalised plan of action that gives you the confidence and know how to use LinkedIn on a daily basis.

A well-written, client-focussed profile is your first step to LinkedIn success.

Once your new profile is attracting the right audience, you then need to get active on LinkedIn to raise your visibility and send credible, paying customers your way.

What you need is a great LinkedIn strategy that shows you what to do, and why, on a daily basis.

Your LinkedIn strategy follows three key steps:

  • Get Found – a personalised, well-written and optimised profile to tell your audience who you help and how you do it

  • Get Noticed – stay at the front of your prospects’ minds, so they’ll think of you as the go-to expert when they need help

  • Get Clients – find, and get in front of, your target audience so they turn into paying clients

By combining a LinkedIn profile rewrite with a half day LinkedIn strategy training, you get a complete personalise LinkedIn plan of action, so you know how to use LinkedIn proactively to create the right opportunities.

LinkedIn Strategy:

A defined approach for what to do on LinkedIn, and why, including making connections, starting conversations and deciding what to post

LinkedIn Training:

Half a day of one-to-one training so you can get found, get noticed and get clients when the programme’s over

The training covers how to use LinkedIn to raise your visibility, to get noticed as an expert, and to generate leads.

It answers questions such as . . .

  • Where are my target audience on LinkedIn and how can I get in front of them?

  • How do I raise my visibility on LinkedIn?

  • How do I get seen as an expert on LinkedIn?

  • What are the tricks to generating opportunities?

How does it work?

We’ll begin with LinkedIn profile writing. Then once your profile is ready to go, we follow with a one-to-one online LinkedIn strategy training via Zoom Meeting. This include templates, handouts, worksheets and checklists.

There’s a follow-up session, where we’ll review the progress you’ve made, and I’ll answer any questions. Plus 30 days’ post-training support to answer your questions on email or the phone.

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What My Clients Say...

“Judy put me through a one-to-one LinkedIn training programme and it has simply revolutionised my understanding of the medium and cleared the way to me expanding my business at a hitherto unparalleled rate.”

Mark Dexter

Dexter Media

“As part of the work we did together Judy immediately understood my specific needs and aligned a clear project plan on how to meet the objectives we agreed. This was followed up by detailed communication on progress made and further opportunities to improve.”

Rob Shore

Global Safety Trainer

“I loved working with Judy and her approach. She is very thorough, hands on and definitely goes the extra mile with her advice, input and support. And the best bit is Judy checked in with me a few weeks after which really helped me stay focused and implement the changes in using LinkedIn.”

Fiona Scrase

Action Learning Centre