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    1 to 1 Training

    Personalised 1 to 1 coaching and training to help you win more business using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn offers business owners a huge potential client base. But to make the most of that, you need to have a good LinkedIn strategy.

One-to-one training is where you let me know what problems you’re facing with the platform and I help you to fix them.

Why do you need LinkedIn training?

LinkedIn training is ideal if you’re already using LinkedIn regularly, but you’ve had little success to date. With my training and support, we can:

  • Increase your LinkedIn activity to meet marketing goals

  • Develop a LinkedIn strategy specifically for your business

  • Create a profile that engages your target audience, builds your credibility and gets the right people connecting with you

What challenges can we tackle?

As your LinkedIn trainer, I’ll give you the confidence to face the issues that are stopping you making the right connections. The sessions can include:

  • How do you write your profile?

  • Where are your target audience, and how do you get in front of them?

  • How do you raise your LinkedIn visibility?

  • What is LinkedIn lead generation, and how do you create opportunities?

  • What should you be doing on LinkedIn, and when?

Each session is designed to give you the confidence and a strategy to get you going. You’ll develop clear LinkedIn marketing tools to guide you with what to do, and when to do it, to win more business.

How does the training work?

We focus on the three steps of your overall LinkedIn strategy.

  • Get Found – how to create a client focused profile that gets you found by your target audience

  • Get Noticed – how to raise your visibility as the expert and attract self-selecting clients to you

  • Get Clients – how to find and get in front of your target audience and build a targeted network

LinkedIn training starts with an exploratory call, a little like a mentoring session. This way, I can tailor the sessions to suit just what you need. There’s also a follow-up to review progress and answer your questions.

The training, which can be done either face to face or online, includes handouts and checklists, follow-up actions and recommendations, and 30 days’ post-session support.

How much support do you need?

You can choose how many sessions you’d like. It might be that a one-off session is all you need to begin with. Or, you may choose multiple sessions and some in-depth mentoring to get your LinkedIn strategy off to a flying start.

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What My Clients Say . . .

“Self-employed people want to 'do what they do' and are often not great at the marketing side of things. This is where Judy is brilliant. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of LinkedIn and put this to use in showing me how to make the best use of LinkedIn as a marketing resource - from helping me present clearly who I am and what I do in my profile to getting my thoughts out there in posts that are useful and relevant.”

Anne Wolff

Development Coach 

“I love working with Judy! She gives you all the twiddly bits that make all the difference to how your completed profile looks and sounds, and how you use LinkedIn which makes all the difference to a contact connecting with you or not.”

Wendy Ward

Let’s Save Consultancy

“Judy put me through a one-to-one LinkedIn training programme and it has simply revolutionised my understanding of the medium and cleared the way to me expanding my business at a hitherto unparalleled rate.”

Mark Dexter

Dexter Media