• Getting Started
    With LinkedIn

    Feel confident using LinkedIn with a personalised LinkedIn strategy and client-focused profile.

You know LinkedIn is the place to find clients. However, you don’t know how to get started, or where you’ll find the time.

Getting Started With LinkedIn is designed to get you up and running confidently on LinkedIn. We’ll create a consistent LinkedIn strategy and activity plan, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

What can you expect?

A clear profile, a clever strategy and a consistent plan for what to do next.

This includes:

  • LinkedIn review: discover your goals, objectives and ideal clients, including finding key sources of content and a LinkedIn competitor review

  • LinkedIn profile writing: an optimised profile and company page with your ideal client in mind

  • LinkedIn strategy: a defined approach for what to do on LinkedIn, and why, including making connections, starting conversations and deciding what to post

  • LinkedIn strategy implementation: two months to get your strategy up and running, growing your network and keeping an active presence

  • LinkedIn training: half a day of one-to-one training so you can get found, get noticed and get clients when the programme’s over

What happens next?

Once we’ve got going, you might be confident to take on LinkedIn yourself. Or, you may choose to continue with a monthly LinkedIn managed service, with ongoing strategy, support, results delivered and successes measured.

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What My Clients Say . . .

“I engaged Judy to help with a profile review and connection strategy for LinkedIn for one of my brands. We saw a return on investment within the first couple of months representing about 3 times the investment and have landed work, made good connections and now have a series of leads all generated by Judy’s expert work. Judy is proactive in suggesting opportunities, savvy about what will work and where not to waste time, and confident enough to cope with my relatively loose brief.”

Louise Turner

Awards Writers

“I loved working with Judy and her approach. She is very thorough, hands on and definitely goes the extra mile with her advice, input and support. And the best bit is Judy checked in with me a few weeks after which really helped me stay focused and implement the changes in using LinkedIn.”

Fiona Scrase

Action Learning Centre

“Self-employed people want to 'do what they do' and are often not great at the marketing side of things. This is where Judy is brilliant. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of LinkedIn and put this to use in showing me how to make the best use of LinkedIn as a marketing resource - from helping me present clearly who I am and what I do in my profile to getting my thoughts out there in posts that are useful and relevant.”

Anne Wolff

Development Coach